Vite for Tigger for President in 2012

Tigger for President in 2012

Vice President - Pooh Bear
Tigger for president
Oh bother... I hope this job gives me a long enough lunch break to get a smackeroo of honey and a nap.

Chairman of Morale - Eeyore
Tigger for president
Im smiling..really i am

Security - Chigger & Chiger
Tig for prez
The president will be well guarded from the ankles down!

White House Chef - Pumbah
President Tigger
There will never be pork on the menu

White House Interior Decorator - LaLa
The Stripe House.... Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Insane Child
JOB: Head of Hugely Worried Mother Who Feels Her Child Has Lost His Mind and Most Likley Will Never Get Married Now Dept.


Tigger for president





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